How to install the theme


I downloaded the theme, but when I try to install the theme from wordpress, I do not know what file to select from the downloaded folder called “west” it doesn’t seem to have an specific file to select to install.


That folder you mention should be in a zip file. If you haven’t unzipped yourself, then your browser probably did it for you.

I have a mac I must say if maybe that is the problem

Hi, thank you very much

yes it is un-zipped, but in the “select file” option, after, upload theme, which one of the files inside the folder should I select

That’s what I’m saying, you don’t have to select a file from the folder. You need to upload the zip file that contains that folder. Since you don’t have the zip file you can either zip it yourself or re-download the theme using a different browser. Or you can disable the auto-unzip feature in your browser.