How to increase the header video size limit?


Hi Sydney Team,

Knowing that the max. video limit is 8Mb, beside putting the video in youtube, are there any other method to increase the limit?



Hello Spencer,

You can check this tutorial, it might help:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thank for the info Roman. I had increased the upload file size to 1000Mb.

However Sydney Pro limit the video display in home page header to 8Mb.

I set the video (15mb) at WP>Appearance>Customize>Header Area> Frontpage media. I selected the 15Mb Video, and alert comes out indicated that video over 8Mb is not allowed.


Hello Spencer,

Please check Bandwidth considerations section of this post:

So it looks like default WordPress Video Header limit that is not so easy to change.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Hi Roman,

Yay! Great thanks for the information. I found the way out ! =]
I found a temp solution which could override the 8mb validation from WP default:

function customize_filesize_video_validation( $validity, $value ) {
		if ( is_wp_error( $validity ) ) {$validity->remove( 'size_too_large' );	}
		$video = get_attached_file( absint( $value ) );
		if ( $video ) {
			$size = filesize( $video );
			if ( 500 < $size / pow( 1024, 2 ) ) { // Check whether the size is larger than 500MB.
				$validity->add( 'size_too_large',
					__( 'This video file is too large to use as a header video. Try a shorter video or optimize the compression settings and re-upload a file that is less than 500MB. Or, upload your video to YouTube and link it with the option below.' )
		return $validity;
add_filter( 'customize_validate_header_video', 'customize_filesize_video_validation', 20 ,2);



You are welcome Spencer!

And thank you for sharing that!

Kind Regards, Roman.

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