How to hide footer on one page

Hi, I’m trying to make a landing page in this theme. I’ve successfully hidden the nav menu and footer by using this css on the page in question:

nav#navigation ul {display: none;}
header {display: none;}

But I can’t seem to hide the footer. I’ve tried all of these to no avail. Any tips?

footer {display: none;}
site-footer {display: none;}
footer-widgets {display: none;}
tt_footer {display: none;}
container {display: none;}
bottom {display: none;}
widget-area {display: none;}
sidebar-footer {display: none;}
sidebar-footer {display: none;}
colophon {display: none;}
siteorigin-panels-builder-6 {display: none;}
site-info {display: none;}


try this code please:

div#sidebar-footer, footer#colophon {
    display: none;