How to have the hamburger menu open on page load

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Is there a way i can have the hamburger menu open on page load? Of course the hamburger menu appears only for it’s respective viewpoints but when it does appear i want it to be open on the page load.

Hello Tony,

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Try doing the below steps:

  1. Install and activate the TC Custom JavaScript plugin
  2. Go To Appearance > Custom JavaScript
  3. Paste the following code into the provided box
(function($) {
    if ( matchMedia( 'only screen and (max-width: 1024px)' ).matches ) {
        $(window).on('load', function(){
            var delay = 1000; // Delay time in mili seconds to open the menu

            }, delay);

OBS: The variable delay is the delay time in mili seconds to trigger the open of the menu. You can change this value as per your needs.

We hope this helps!

Please try that and let us know if you need further assistance.

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aThemes Support