How to have only the image slider on front page?


I really like Sydney. One thing I haven’t figured-out yet is how to have ONLY the image slider+ action button on the front page, and nothing else?



You can check this thread here or just do the following and it should work…

  1. Create a page and name it “home”, “start” or something like that. Publish it. (nothing happens)
  2. Go to customize -> static front page -> choose the page you created as “front page”. (now the home page reloads to be the new empty page you created)

And there you have it :slight_smile:

Hello theagent!

Thanks for your reply. I had already created a blank “home” page. What I was missing was the CSS code to NOT display the blank page area below the slider.

I found it in in the topic that you mentioned.

I added this to the custom css page for the site:

.page-id-? .page-wrap{

Works great!

Thanks again!