How to have one page website Sydney theme

Hi there I m developing my business website in sydney theme created pages for menu at home page but rite now I need to create one page scrolling site in this theme the issue is that if I delete the other pages to create one page site the main menu also not accessible cnt figured out how to do that the main menu remain on main page and linked to sections on same page plz advise

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I suppose your menu item was set under the “Pages”. From Customize > Menus you should need to create a custom link to the element ID of you page. You should use the following format. 

From the screenshot above the target ID is pg-8-0

So the field should be filled with

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I’m also hoping to have a scrolling home page and found this searching for an answer. Seems pretty straight forward however just wondering if you’d be able to guide me on how to find the target ID for home page sections?


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> … just wondering if you’d be able to guide me on how to find the target ID for home page sections?

Here you go

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thank u Kharis for this detail information.

Would you be so kind and put another link to the above issue? The exsiting one does not worl
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The link you shared doesn’t seem to work. The screen is displaying “Oops! Something went wrong.”. Could you please take another screenshot and share it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or


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I’m having the same issues finding the right ID’s. I’ve created a Moesia Startpage with pagebuilder and would like to jump to the different sections with a menu. You provided a link above, but it doesn’t work anymore.

For example, if I would like to jump to “Our Service” I can’t manage to find out the right ID for this section. When clicking the element information for the text “Our Services” it jumps to

<span class=“wow bounce” style=“visibility: visible; animation-name: bounce; -webkit-animation-name: bounce;”>Unsere Services</span>

I assume the ID-info I need is hidden somewhere above or below, but where und how can I find ist? :wink:


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Would you mind sharing your site URL here, so I can take a closer look?


How to have one page website sydney theme menu:
1.) go to your website - to the element you want to scroll to.
2.) then use the chrome inspector by right-clicking and selecting "inspect element"
3.) then look for your id and copy it… it looks like <div id=“pg-23-10” class=“panel-grid” …
4.) take “pg-23-10” and fill in your wordpress menu as link like this:

see the video

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I was trying to follow the instructions here to make my website into a one page scrolling site. However when i searched my inspect element for something like div is='pg-10, nothing comes up. Mine is only id="7476f1c , there is no pg element… so the link doesn’t work. Any ideas?

I also tried the Page Jump support article, however when I add my add, I don’t get the option to make it an anchor tag, is this only in Pro?

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As checked, you are using Elementor builder and you are able to add custom ID to a specific section you wish anchor menu linking.

Here is the video tutorial you can follow:

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