How to have a Static Menu on All Pages

Hi Support,

I am unable to have Static menus appear on my site… Each page is using a Sticky menu, even though under the Customize/Menu Type is set to Static.

I have gone thru the various forum posts, trying the various CSS Code in the posts. None of it is changing the menus from Sticky to Static.

I am at a stalemate, and am hoping you can provide guidance as to what I can do to fix this.

Thanks, Bo

Hi Bo,

Thank you for getting back with this new query. I am happy to help out.

So the current setting on the menu part is not taking effect on the site’s front end, right? Is that your issue?

If so, I’d recommend clearing cache that might be enabled with particular plugin from your website’s admin area.

Let me know if I can’t get your issue clearly.

aThemes Support

Hi Kharis. I appreciate your help.

Yes, you are getting my issue clearly.

I cleared cache at the website and hosting levels.

The issue remains.

I have a couple of hundred lines of CSS code, and am wondering if some code is causing this to occur.

Are you open to the idea of me emailing my code, and you look through it to see if anything looks like the cause?

Or, do you have a better way to diagnose this?

Thanks again. Bo

Hi Bo,

Thank you for getting back.

I’d suggest you vaidating your custom CSS code with this tool and ensure it’s error-free.

aThemes Support