How to get rid of these items

How do i get rid of


Many thanks for this!

Just remove them from the Page Builder. Click on Edit Page for the page they’re on and you’ll see them there.

Dear Vlad,

It seems the page builder is very limited.
I want to DELETE the call to action and the some facts about us part, they are in the widgets but . But can’t get them gone.

Best regards, Bob

I mean, the ones included in the template, i can’t get them gone, even they are not active in the widgets.

Thanks for all your help

Yeah, I don’t know what you’re doing but you can remove them without issues. Just click on Delete Row for those two rows, update the page and they’ll be gone.

Nove of the widgets is active. But the widgets include the demo info stays active on the website. :frowning:

Dear Vlad,

I decided start from scratch without importing the demo-footage.
But now i can’t get the widgets shown on my main page.
I can only add the widgets to the site or footer.
How i get the m nicely appear like in your demo?

Thanks again for your help