How to get rid of navigation in header on one page

Hi there.

Is there a way to remove the links (Home Blog About ) on the top of a page where I am selling a workshop. I dont want them to be able to click a link to leave the page. Thank you

Sure, you’ll need a bit of custom CSS to hide it specifically for that page. I’ll need to see your page for that so I can get the ID.

Thanks Vlad

I want to get rid of all the black header and all the writing in it. I want a blank page essentially. Thanks

There you go:

.page-id-435 .sticky-wrapper {
     display: none;

thank you so much. How do you find the original page number as I need to do the same to another page now. Thanks Vlad. You’re the best

If you go and edit the page you’ll see the ID in the URL bar.

ok found it. thanks vlad