How To Get Demo Header?

I’ve tried several imports using both methods. How in the world do you get the overlapping large text of the Talon PRO theme? Perhaps it’s Crelly? It was really the only pro theme item I wanted over the regular them. J


It is indeed with Crelly which doesn’t work with the normal WP import/export. I just made the export file available here. Basically you just have to import it in the plugin.

Vlad! I was about to loose hope with my last few experiences with support. I really appreciate your help. We both know you are the best. Thanks. Jeff

Thank you Vlad. The importer isn’t working on the Zip or unzipped file. I see the two images and a json file but can’t get Crelly to import. J

Sorry for the delay, I logged off last night.

I just imported it and it seems to work fine. You need to import the actual zip file that you’ve downloaded.

Thanks Vlad…that looks great but it is not happening. Impost doesn’t recognize the zip at all. I created a temp slide. Then imported the zip. It gave a null file and no way to save so when you refresh it’s gone. I even unzipped and imported the images first. Nothing seems to work. I’ve restarted browser (Safari) and everything. Even just a screen shot of the setting of what font etc. would help me to add it to my own images. Jeff

Could you download the file with something other than Safari please? I know it sometimes unzips archives or changes stuff. If that doesn’t work, we’ll see how I can pass the settings over to you.

Ok. I downloaded FireFox, and downloaded it. It is working now. This seems like a lot to go through just to achieve the demo but I do thank you and appreciate you Vlad. Still looking forward to new Perth Pro Separator choices! Jeff

I managed to get Crelly pages needed in the style of the demo. It was simple short code added to Crelly. Worked well but… Crelly is not an option in the “Customizer”. I’m sure it is some short code to add it? How do I get the cruelly pages to function in Talon Pro?

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you’re asking. If you mean for the header, it supports any kind of shortcode. Please see Customize > Header Area > Header type and select Shortcode. Then add the shortcode you mentioned you have for Crelly.

It’s basically what’s described in the documentation:

I didn’t see the video. Sorry for the extra bother. Everything good now. Thanks again for your attention. J