How to fix height of Testimonials "part" of the front page?

Hi, I´m back with another question. Is there a way to fix the height of the testimonials plugin/row? It does a little mess when testimonials have different length (i.e. one is only 1 line. other is longer - 4 lines) and when they change it moves all the content below it up and down, which makes the page uncomfortable to read. Thanks in advance for your solutions :slight_smile:


Yeah, you could target that row directly and set a min-height for it. Obviously, some whitespace will be generated there for the shorter testimonials. Do you have a link?

aaah… forgot to post it… here it is I´ve got 4 of them and now it´s obvious what it does…
can you pls post me the code or where to put it? idk if its a css option or what :stuck_out_tongue:

This would go in a custom CSS plugin or child theme:

.testimonials-area {
    min-height: 245px;

Thank you very much :slight_smile: and keep up with great work you do :slight_smile: