How to edit entire theme?

I only have the option to edit my header sliders section located in the customize section. However, I would like to edit the other sections, such as Who We Are, History, Our Services, Even More Services, and all the other sections throughout this theme.

How can I change the pictures, text, images, etc in these sections described above? Does editing these sections require additional coding? Or is there another customize section that I can make changes in?

My site:

Hi there,

Please check our documentation page here
Feel free to create a new topic for each of your questions.


I’ve already looked at the documentation page… What exactly should I be looking for? If I could be pointed in a specific location on the documentation page, that would be greatly appreciated.


There is a lot of the section on this theme that uses pictures, text, etc. Can you tell me first the detail part that you want to modify?

e.g: How to change the header text slider on the home page?

Also, you can try to search the question that you want to ask on this forum first (by clicking the magnifying glass on the top right side). Because there is already a lot of discussions on how to modify the theme.


I’ve found how to do it.