How To Download Finance Theme From Sydney Pro

Hello! I want to install Finance theme from the sydney pro. PLease guide or assist how to download it.
Secondly, do i need to install sydney pro theme and aftert that i can install finance theme or child finance theme?. Also, please forward us the documentation link to install finance theme. Even i have checked it in my dasboard all themes are svailable there to downlaod but did not find finance theme

Please assist.

Hello Sir, waiting for your reply. I have searched whole resourches but didnot fint the solution to install/download the finance theme.

Waiting for your speedy response.

Hello Rahul,

You can download Finance child theme here:

Finance child theme depends on Sydney Pro theme, so both themes should be installed.

You can refer to Sydney Pro documentation, but please note that you have to import demo content only when Finance child theme is activated, otherwise you can get Sydney Pro demo content.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Dear Sir,

  1. I have purchased the annual subscription on November 29, 2017, which means still i have the time to access all the upcoming themes by athemes.

  2. In my customer login page, i have followed the steps which takes to download child themes. Unfortunately after login again that link takes me to my dashboard and when i try to install child theme from “Sydney Pro Demo Files” again it takes me to Sydney Pro demo files page and again asks me to login. I guess there might me some error, thats why i am not able to access the demo file download page. For your assurance, you can check my account also. For that if needed please let me know if you want my login credentials.
    My primary email adds is

Also i am enclosing the screenshots:

Waiting for your speedy response.
Rahul Kumbhare

Sir, Waiting for your reply…

Sir, almost more than 15 hours has been passed, still i have not received a proper reply from you for my previous replies. If this is the way how you treat to your clients, then sorry boss! not intrested to extend my package… first of all if you are updating anything in your packages… it should be updated automatically in our dashboard… despite of your mistakes… here i am polietly asking you people to resolve the issue… but you people are busy in resolving other problem without caring about the priority of customer… really very bad experience 1st time i have faced on the internet.

Hello Rahul,

  1. We always try to answer within 24 hours.

  2. Child themes are meant to be modified directly, and automatic update would break such modifications. That’s why we don’t update them automatically, that’s not a mistake.

  3. I asked person that handles licenses to check your issue, let’s see what he says. Please be patient.

Kind Regards, Roman.

P. S.
I thought that you mean child theme updates, now I noticed that you mean aThemes Dashboard updates, so please ignore the second point in my post above.

Thank You, Waiting for your reply. And i apologize, actually i promised to my client that his website (by using finance theme) work will be completed in withing two days (contents were ready). Unfortunately, when i started to building his website i didn’t find any documentation or resources in the support forum or in my athemes dashboard to download finance theme. Due to failure in commitment, my client cancelled the order. That’s why i got a little bit angry. In addition, kindly assist how to delete comments or topics which is created by user/client.

That’s okay, I understand. If you mean posts/topics on this forum, I don’t think that users can delete them. But I can do it if you want (please specify what you want to delete).

Kind Regards, Roman.

yes… please delete the topic " Most wor…"

Sir, i am waiting for your reply, which was supposed to received from your sales/license person. Still i have not received the ans for downloading the finance, yoga… etc themes from my athemes dashboard.

Hello Rahul,

I deleted the topic and sent a reminder about your issue.

It was weekend, that’s why it’s taking more time than usual.

Kind Regards, Roman.


I’ve emailed you the links. Sorry for the delay.


Hi aThemes, I am also having this same issue, could you please send the download link for download for the Finance child theme?



Please try the link again when you are logged in: