How To Display only *one* Category on Blog page

I’ve created two different Categories in order to display one type on the home page – and just the second type on the Blog page itself.

The Home page is working as expected, but the Sydney FP Latest News plug-in keeps displaying both types on the Blog page.

In the Custom Post Type Category where it says: “Enter the slug for the category you wish to display posts from. Leave empty to show from all categories.” I have entered the slug “just-a-thought”. I tried it with /slashes/ too but can’t get it to only display that one type.

I imagine I’m making some n00b error, but can’t figure out what that might be.

Here’s a link to the page:

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Looks like your issue can be resolved by creating new categories menu from dashboard > appearance > menu.

Please try it first.


Thanks Awan -

I suppose I’m going to need more specific instructions. I see those two categories and can add them to the menu – or as sub-menu items, but that doesn’t fix my issue. All I want is for the blog posts in the Blurb category to not show up on the Blog page…



Can you try to use Post Loop widget instead? I think its better if you configure the category using SiteOrigin Widgets.

Not sure I’m following even with the edited reply.

Are you saying: Use SiteOrigin Post Loop widget on the Blog page vs Sydney FP Latest News? And what do you mean by “configuring the category.” The categories are already defined, my issue is in getting them to display separately.

Thank you

Hi Awan. Is there someone on the team who might have more time to answer my question? I’m hoping to get it resolved right away.

Appreciate it.


Hello?? Could you please provide clarification? Thanks!


Sorry for the delay.

I’ve tried to resolve your issue on my localhost using SIteorigin - Post loop widget and its working.
Here is the screenshots:

Thanks Awan. I’m in and out of airports today, but will look into that solution as soon as I’m able. Just to confirm: that Post Loop widget is on the Blog page and displays a list of static posts from a single category, Correct?

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yes. But make sure you did not set the page as “Blog page” in the Customizer > Homepage setting > post page.

All fixed. Thank you, Awan.

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