How to display full content on my posts?

Hey Vlad,

How do I “expand” the box showing my posts such that the whole text is displayed immediately rather then just showing the first three rows or so?

We’ve submitted an update to about a week ago that contained this option, but the reviewer isn’t answering anymore. Meanwhile, you can go to content.php and replace the_excerpt() with the_content().

Thank you Vlad. I’m sorry though, I don’t know how to find content.php or the_excerpt()…

I have opened chrome debugging tool and I have also looked around on my blog but I can’t find where to make the change?

Have any further tips and instructions?

It would be best if you wait a bit for the update to go live so you don’t break anything in the code. The content.php file can be found if you go to Appearance > Editor.

ok, thx Vlad. I take the risc and make the Changes. I’ve found it.
Further questions:

-How much is it to upgrade to “pro” and would it affect my settings/installations and Changes I’ve done so far on the theme Moesia?
-To really reach out with my business and homepage, what service that you have, is something that you, Vlad, think is really useful (To buy)?
-If I would just like to contribute to athemes for the help I’ve got from you, how do I do that?

  • You can find the pro version here. You would lose the settings done from the Customizer, like the colors for example because it’s basically a different theme with a different name and different database entries.
  • I don’t really understand this question, can you explain a bit more?
  • You don’t need to contribute, support is free to a certain extent for both Moesia and Moesia Pro. Should you ever need a higher level of customization that cannot be provided for free, you can submit a customization request.

I just read some different things under “promote” that I thaught could be helpful to make my site reachout further. Maybe my conclution was wrong…


Hi ei98lich,

Just to clarify, the things you read under promote are for WordPress companies who want to advertise on aThemes. I can recommend Elto (I’ve used them) for help with online marketing for small businesses.

Ah, ok, thanks for your patience with questions “high and low”. I’ll check that out.