How to display employees with the WP Category widget?

I’m trying to create a blog-type-page with all the employees. I added all the employees to a category, then used the WP category widget to display category. But nothing is displaying.
I do not have the TYPES plugin installed. I was recommended not to install when i installed the theme !

Hello there,

Is there any live example illustrating how the final result looks like?

Have you tried to use the Custom Menu widget which works with custom menu in the Appearance > Menus?


Hi Kharis,
I dont want to make a menu list. Custom Menu widget is no option here.
I want to use the employee type and work similar to classic posts. I can assign an employee to a category but seems that the employee type is not recognised as a regular post. When I use the category widget to display the employees nothing shows up.

I want to have an employee list like:

Thanks for your help.

Hi Rui,

I would like to apologize in advance for the long delay.

Please follow the advice from our lead developer posted on this thread.