How to disable Credits Bar at the Botton

Hi ,

  1. I’ve customized Airi / Lawyer theme free, since it doesn’t support credits, how do I disable them?
  2. How do I change top menu background colour?

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Footer credit option is only available on the Airi Pro. I’d recommen upgrading as you’re aking one of pro features.


Try adding this CSS code to your website’s Additional CSS, that is located under the Appearance > Customize menu. .site-header {
      background-color: rgba(144, 172, 83, 0.6);

    .menuStyle5 .is-sticky .site-header {
      background-color: #90ac53 !important;

aThemes Support

Thanx Kharis, on number 1 I understand what you mean, but can’t I atleast get a CSS Code to rather switch it off completely please until such time that we upgrade to PRO?

Like we did in this one:


Thank you for your interest to upgrading.

I checked your website, and now the footer credit part is no longer appearing.

Seems likely you got the CSS code. Is that correct?

Meanwhile, I’ll mark this ticket as closed. Feel free to raise a new topic for your other questions.

Have a nice day!

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