How to delete/add any category to each post section like Posts, Services...?

I found the category in Posts, Services…, the category is same.

It means ex) services and posts
We can see type-a, type-b in the category listings

We can see the category listings on the single page, the category items on the sidebar. The Type A, Type B shows posts’ single page or services’ page

I think the Sydney doesn’t make a services’ category using Toolset Types.

If we delete Type A and Type B from the category on the Posts. The services’ Type A and Type B delete, too. It doesn’t display the single page after clicking the Type A or Type B from the Posts

Please give me your Sydney’s Types import settings.xml data or your new advice?


Yes, they’re the same categories shared between posts and services. That’s how we’ve done it from the beginning so unfortunately we can’t change it now.

What you can do, if you’re using the widget to display all your categories in your sidebar, is to simply hide the ones you don’t want with CSS. We can help with that if needed.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for your reply.

I want to use the widgets to display category. Just only Posts Category. If you have a sample source code, please give me it.

Best regards,

I would need a link to your site please and the names of the categories you want to hide.