How to de install the demo content?

I am a fool to think i can do this WP myself, but here I am. So i had activated Astrid theme and then installed the plugin AStrid PRo and started working on a home page. Then realised there was a demo content i should apparently download,looked at the demo and then it messed up the (start of) my homepage. In my page now all the names of the widgets Project 1 Projec 2 john doe etc etc are mentioned in the menu… and i cant get rid of it.
ALso as i had to download the file it twice, before it was succesfull, many items have installed twice however. Now I think i might be better off fidling away without the demo content.

  1. I assume i can still install projects pages etc - al the widgets like clients and services even when I deinstall the demo - is that correct? I mean ALL the features are available without the demo content?
  2. how do in deinstall it, cant find how to!

I hope someone has the patience to answer me. Jiske

and 3) how do i get rid of this in my header menu…:

Service 1Steve Doe Blog Client 1Client 2Client 3Client 4 Janet DoeJanet DoeJohn DoeJohn DoeProject 1Project 2Project 3Project 4Project 5Project 6Project 7Project 8Sample PageService 2Service 3Service 4Service 5Service 6Steve Doe


Hello Jiske,

Please try to create a menu to resolve your menu issue. You can learn how to do it here:

I don’t think that you can delete demo content in one click after importing it. However, you can delete items manually, one by one. It will take some time, but I think that it should be quicker than starting from scratch :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.