How to custom headers for specific posts

I’m back for a second question.

I would like to add custom headers ( revolution sliders in header, actually) to specific posts. Is there any way to do that?

I achieved something but far of what I’d like by using Above/below header + text widget with slider shortcode + Widget Visibility module of Jetpack …but …the slider don’t cover all area of the window (like a padding of 30 or 40px white space around the slider)

Simple saying, I want a slider of specific hight (not fullscreen) but 100% width of the window as header for a specific post

Also, reading previous posts, I see you often give advise saying something like “put this code in a custom CSS plugin” .
Well, where exactly should I put that code if you’ll give me a similar advice?
Should I put in Shortcodes(plugin recommended by Moesia) --> Custom CSS ?
Or maybe on Appearance --> Edit CSS (custom css module of Jetpack)

Thank you very much


I think the way you’re doing it now should be the best way to go. And we can make it full width with a bit of CSS which you will add to the Jetpack module you mentioned. Can you post a link to your website so I can see exactly?

Hi Vlad,
Here’s the link to my custom post about I’m talking link to the how to mix colors to get base flesh tones

I don’t know what I did, but I see the white space is now just top and down.

Also, should I open a new thread about contact form? I had some problems with the moesia contact plugin. Probably there is somewhere stated that one should use “contact form 7” plugin in order to use moesia contact widget (I didn’t figured out before) I learned about just setting a random number on ID field of that widget , then save then I saw the shortcode of contactform 7 rendered out on the front page.
For the use of future users, I think would be nice to open a new post if this is not already documented somewhere in the documentation.


That whitespace comes from the padding that is applied to that widget area. You can overwrite it by adding this in a custom CSS plugin or child theme:

.bh-widget-area .widget {
    padding: 0 !important;

It is written in the documentation that the front page contact widget works with CF7. But yeah, it should be written in the widget itself too, for some reason I thought it was. It will be added in the next version.
Now, I’m not sure I understand, do you have a question related to the contact widget? If you do, yeah, feel free to open a new thread.

Thank you very much Vlad for your help about padding.
I’m sure it will solve my issue about that white space.

As for the second issue about contact form. …well, it’s not an issue itself.
I already solved it but I was thinking it would be helpful for others if I’d start a new thread post about it. That is because I didn’t see where ( …but now, I learned form you there was stated as so somewhere in the documentation) we should use CF7 in order to configure Moesia contact form.
Well, you told this won’t be an issue anymore. So, a new post about it is obsolete.

All the best,

It solved that padding problem, indeed!
Thank you very much, Vlad !