How to create "DO YOU WANT TO…" section on front page

Hello first of all I love this theme…I am quite new to Wordpress and finding this theme has been a bless…powerful and easy to work with.
I have a problem though and I cannot create the “DO YOU WANT TO…” section. I have been using a divided row (2 sections) and I have placed a Sydney call to action widget in each section of the row. But how can I insert the top title (“DO YOU WANT TO…”)? It needs to be placed at the top of the row (above the call to actions) and right in the middle with a line underneath.

Thank you in advance.


Create a full width row, set a background image for it and select parallax option for background. then add 2 promo boxes to the row, that’s how it was done.

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if you add two "call to action"s how do you get just the “do you want to…” in the middle?