How to create a button on home page

Is there a way to create a clickable button on the home page that also moves with the image as you scroll down?

Hello Marta,

I can’t clearly get your point. Sorry. :frowning:

Is there any live example I can see?


Okay, for example this link here:

There’s a sign up button right on the cover page. How can I add one like that to mine?

Hello there,

It seems like that header design goes beyond our initial design. Though you can set a call to action button over the slide image as you can see on our demo site

Nothing we can do, I am afraid; due to it reached the limit of our support service policy. Thus I’d strongly recommend you hire a freelancer on or

Thank you for your understanding.


Okay, no worries. I understand.
thank you

Hi, my site is , I would like to change the header (from slider to image) but I have not been able to create a button for this header image, could you please help me out with this?

Hello @juanfe,

Please follow this solution

If you find difficulties of implementing that, please start your own new thread I’d be glad to assist your specifically from there.