How to create a Blog Page?

Hello. I’m using the Rocked theme to set up a new website. I’d like to have a section on our site called ‘blog’ with the URL and this url is a list of the most recent posts.

With some other themes (such as zerif-lite), I was able to create a empty page titled ‘blog’ and select a template came with that theme called ‘blog’ and that will do the trick. However, there’s no such template in the Rocked Theme.

I also tried another method: create a empty page called ‘home’ (using the ‘front page’ template) and an empty page called ‘blog’ (using the ‘default template’). Then under “settings -> reading -> front page displays”, choose "static page’ and then use ‘home’ as the ‘front page’ and ‘blog’ as the posts page. however, with this method, the front page doesn’t include the most recent posts any more.

Can somebody help me how to do it?