How to combine the slider and recent posts, and

Hello, How’s life? I have some queries regarding with this theme TheShop, my website is

  1. How to combine the slider HERE and the recent posts HERE,

so the result will be on the top is the slider, and directly followed by the recent post under the slider

  1. How to decrease the size of each product which appear in shop main menu, I want to make it looks smaller, see the screenshot HERE


Hi Firsta,

You can have the recent post with the provided styles in the front page by manage it from customize > homepage sections.

Sorry Sir, It still hasn’t worked, I have changed the homepage section > homepage order to the latest post > saved, but it had no change. Moreover I have set the static homepage into the latest post, but there was no slider at all, only the latest post. I wish I get the slider and followed by the latest post in homepage…

How about the second question Sir?

Thanks for your attention in replying my queries, good luck athemes


Sorry for the delays…

Not sure why the latest post are not displayed in your site, because I’ve tried on my end and its worked.

And to decrease the produce item, please try the following css code:

.woocommerce-page:not(.single) ul.products li.product, .woocommerce:not(.single) ul.products li.product {
    width: 25% !important;

.woocommerce a.button {
    font-size: 11px;

you can put the code using simple custom css plugin.

Thanks for your response Mr. Awan,
Do you want to take a look my back end of the website for the first problem?
If you want, I will give the username and password…

Okay, you can send it to awan.rimbawan101 at gmail

Let me check your site and semoga saya bisa membantu anda :slight_smile:

Suddenly, I can fix the first problem by myself, and it was my own mistake…
Oh ternyata Mas Awan bisa Bahasa Indonesia hehe…

Thank you for your response Mr. Awan, actually I still have many queries hehe, but I will make new thread…

Salam sukses mas Awan…

Ah Great!

Salam sukses juga mas Firsta :slight_smile: