How to Change Titles and Button Text?

Hi there,

Wondering if anyone can help me. I am not able to change the title text nor the button text below. I don’t see the option in the editor or anywhere else

Please see attached image for ref.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Hannah,

You can change the styles from the visual composer.
Activate the visual composer then click the “gear” icon in which items you want to edit.

Button text can be changed by clicking on it and changing it directly on the button. it is styled, as Awan suggests, in the visual composer.

Title text, as far as i know, cannot be changed. i think it is fixed as the name of the page, and is, therefore, almost entirely useless.

i tend to use a text box as a title, and use presets in the visual composer.

i hope you find this useful,


Thanks guys! I figured it out late last night and forgot to post about it sorry! Yeah, just hovered over them and was able to change them. I was having a dumb moment

Thanks again,