How to change the services Icons?

Somebody knows How to change the services Icons to a custom Icon?

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Sorry, i found out i can’t change them. Still, i’m wondering where they are stored these icons?

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They’re in the Fonts folder. What you can do is ignore the icon field and add your own icons at the top of the post editor, right before the content of your service. Only thing is that they’ll show below the service title.

So did I understand this right??? You cant’t just switch from the bug icon in the orange disc to a star or a circle for example… There is a field for an input - but I don’t know the codes for other symbols. I know from other themes that you can write for example “movie” to have the typical icon for a film. If this is possible where can I find a list with all the available symbols and their names to be showen up.

Thanks for your info

They are all here,


Many thanks, but how do I have to proceed when I like to include the Icon like: film in the service section in my wp-admin??? Many thanks bobbybrown… :wink: