How to change the scaling mode of the head-slider?


I’m very new to CSS and this whole Wordpress world, but I got a really good start with Sydney and my adjustments and even with basic CSS code copies. But for me this here is a bit tricky this time.

How do I change the behaviour of the head-slider so that he doesn’t scales and modifies the image when changing the browsers width? I would like to have the behaviour like on this page in order to upload a pre-designed image with title design.

All the best and thank you a lot!

Hello Moritz,

Try enabling responsive slide behaviour by going to Appearance > Customize > Header area > Header Slider > Slider mobile behavior.


Hey Kharis,

i thought it would solve the problem, but it does not. the image has the size of 1920 × 1275 as your template file. is there a css code which could help?

hava a look


Hello there,

Try adding this CSS code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.

    .header-slider .slide-item {
      background-size: 100% !important;