How to change the pink color for links and category name


I can see the header text (when a mouseover is done) can be changed.

But for the category links and the category name, it’s fixed at pink for the Cali theme. Is there an easier way to change it like other AThemes blogs?


Please try this code below:

a, a:visited, .main-navigation a:hover, .main-navigation a:focus, .main-navigation a:active, .footer-navigation a:hover, .footer-navigation a:focus, .footer-navigation a:active, .site-search__wrap .site-search_submit:hover, .site-search__wrap .site-search_submit:focus, .site-search__wrap .site-search_submit:hover [class*="fa-"], .site-search__wrap .site-search_submit:focus [class*="fa-"], .widget_search .site-search .site-search_submit:hover, .widget_search .site-search .site-search_submit:focus, .widget_search .site-search .site-search_submit:hover [class*="fa-"], .widget_search .site-search .site-search_submit:focus [class*="fa-"], .slide-overlay_category, .entry-title a:hover, .entry-title a:focus, .more-link:hover, .more-link:focus, .entry-share a:hover, .entry-share a:focus, .comments-link:hover, .comments-link:focus {
    color: cadetblue;

You can put the code into Customize > additional CSS


Thank you very much! Worked perfectly!