How to change the footer credits for my website using Sydney, not Pro

Hi All,

Please help show me how to change the footer credits for my website



If you are using just Sydney:

Go to Appearance---->Editor---->footer.php (on the right side of screen in Templates) when you open this find two the longest lines of code. You will find words with same name just like in footer. Replace with your own. Please note that when you update a theme changes will dissapear.

But if you are using a child theme of Sydney you must put footer.php there. And do the same.

I hope that was helpful.

Hello Alan,

You might want to check this topic:

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

Thanks I will have a look, on another note, my logo seems to have a white box around it that wasn’t there before, any ideas on how to change it back to just the logo?