How to change text!


I am really sorry for this stupid question.

I have added a row and then added Sydney FP: Services Type A. In the edit/settings I have choosen Title and number of services to show. When I publish they come pre defined with text and titles. But how do I change it to my text/subtitles/picture? When I press; Switch to editor it asks me clear the page builder which i then press NO. Then the titles and lorem ipsum comes for the services but when I change it there and update/publish, it wont change on the website.

So my question is how I change the text/title/picture on the predefined widgets :)?


In your admin area you’ll notice Services, Employees etc. Go there and change what you need:)
It is shown on the documentation page.

Thank you Vlad! I am playing with the theme and hopefully feels tho as I will buy the premium version, like it a lot!

I have another question, I have made a row and then made 3 widgets as you can see on my website ( ). I however want to add above that “My Expereience”. How do I do that? There is no feature like that.

I was thinking of putting an background picture with the text but when I scroll the background pictuers moves and I don’t know the write resolution I should have in order for it to fit in with the text.

Help is appreciated! Thanks!

The background image moves because it has a parallax effect. Other than that I don’t understand what you mean. What exactly is your question please? :slight_smile: