How to change static scroll-over background images?

After installing Sydney Pro, I then started with your sample website and started revising that for my purposes. So far, so good.

But there’s one “background” image I can’t seem to find, and thus change. Presently on my site,, it’s the image of the Apple keyboard, water glass, et cetera, behind the word “Available” and my 9 overlay photos.

Scroll further down, there’s another one behind your description, “What our clients say” (backlit crowd shot).

Could you walk me through the starting location for customizing (changing) these images, and the process for that? Also: What size are these images (ie, what size should I make my replacements)?



This is where you need to go:
Once you click it go to Theme > Background image and upload/change your background image there. This is also shown on the documentation page.

Image sizes aren’t strict. In width you’ll need something between 1300 and 1920px and whatever height results. It all depends on how good you want the image to be - you’ll also have to remember that a better image = bigger size = greater impact on speed.

Let me know if you get stuck.