How to change side menu background color and

Hello, thanks for sharing this nice theme, but I have questions…

  1. How to change side menu background color? see the screenshot

  2. Then how to remove “product” text beside the favicon? That “product” text appears, because I set shop page as the front page, I have tried in appearance>customize, but the text still cannot be removed, see the screenshot


my website is

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To change the side menu background, could you please try to do the following?

  1. Install and activate the Simple Custom CSS plugin
  2. Go to Appearance > Custom CSS, then paste the following CSS code in the box provided
  background: #ff0000;

You should need to adjust the hex color code to meet your need.


Regarding the second issue, could you please try to add the following PHP function to the functions.php file? I recommend you to do this in child theme mode. Head on here and create a child theme, in case you don’t have it yet.

function prefix_theshop_wp_title($title, $sep){

	if ( is_post_type_archive() ) {

		$post_type = get_query_var( 'post_type' );
		$post_type_object = get_post_type_object( $post_type );

		if ( $post_type == 'product' && is_post_type_archive() && $post_type_object->has_archive ){
			$title = get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' );


	return $title;

add_filter( 'wp_title', 'prefix_theshop_wp_title', 10, 2 );

If it didn’t help, could you please mention the plugin you are currently using to manipulate the title output?

I’ll wait to hear back from you.


Thanks kharisblank, your guidance works perfectly :slight_smile:

May God bless you

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