How to change scroll bar & footer

I’m a novice and surprised I’ve gotten this far creating my site alone, so please bear with me.

  1. How do you change the scroll bar to make it like the common one for sites?

  2. I’ve tried to change the footer but no luck. I have read through this forum and I see I need to make a child theme and change it that way. I installed the child theme configuration plug-in, but I’m still lost.

  3. On Internet Explorer & Safari, there is a white space that appears once you scroll past my header image and menu bar. It looks fine on Chrome. Not sure why it does this, possible because I changed the header size (thanks to this forum!) ? is the site

Thanks for the help!

ok I’m using the child themify plug-in and got the child theme created for Moesia. Not sure where to go from here to create a new footer

  1. Customize > General. There is a checkbox there.

  2. This doesn’t have much to do with the theme, it’s just standard practice. Copy the footer.php and drop it in your child theme’s root. Change it as you need and WP will load it from there.

  3. Try adding this in a custom CSS plugin:

.sticky-wrapper {
   background-color: #383838;