How to change promo icon

I installed the fonts and when i put the code in the box, it switches back whatever text I have edited to the temporary text of “free shipping”. the icon wont show up either. I looked at some other posts and see you said that you can only do icons version 4.4.0. but when i search the rocket it says it is on version 5.7.0. how are we suppose to know what icons we can use? I tried 10 and none work. will you be updating this soon?

hi again Kelly,

i’ve responded your question in the other topic. Actually the icon of the rocket is in both versions. And I don’t think that they will updating soon, 4.4.0 version is relative old in comparison with the 5.7.0 version.

I tried to change the code, but didn’t work. Unfortunately.

Best regards, Pedro.