How to change post date?

I would like to know how to change the format of the post dates (e.g. change font, size, position …) on the posts of the main page

Concretely: I would like to make 1) the font size bigger 2) move the date to the top corner above each title and 3) change the font colour.

Hi jolato,

Its better if you create a child theme to move the post date to the top corner above of the title and you can change the font color and font size afterward.

Do you want to move the post date on all of pages on your site? there are author name next to post date, did you want to move it also to the above of the title?

Let me know if you need help on make a changes on the child theme.

I already use a child theme and custom CSS.

I want to make the date more visible (colour, font size) and (optionally) put it somewhere on top of the posts that are fixed in the main grid; individual pages are less important because there the data is already on top (although a bit difficult to read, so that could also be solved by increasing font size/colour).

In fact, I don’t mind so much the exact position of the date string as long as it more highlighted.


Ok, Here is the css code to change the font color and font size of the post date:

.entry-meta, .entry-meta a, .entry-footer, .entry-footer a{
    color: black;
    font-size: 16px;