How to change main menu from Upper case Normal?

I would like my menu to say things like “Buy”… not “BUY” in Sydney pro. I’ve looked but can’t find CSS for case. J


Did you mean, the text on the main menu (header menu)? If yes, I thought its already displayed with Capitalize format in default.

But if your site still need more CSS to transform the text, you can use this:

#mainnav ul li a {
    text-transform: capitalize;

I tried “none” instead of “capitalize” in your CSS and that worked. Thanks Awan. I guess my font just doesn’t work well at that size and I don’t want it larger so I will look through the support files and see if there is something to change the font for just the menu. My font, ‘Lilita One’, cursive; works well with everything else, just not the menu.