How to change Fonts colors/size for CTA widget

Hi Vlad!

I been trying to change the font color/size of the CTA widget for my front page… I tried it by changing it in the widget section by nothing changes there. I also tried by adding some code in the CSS part of it .call-to-action but it still won’t read the new code… I see there is the general setting at the top of the CSS… but I don’t want to override everything just an specific widget. How would I go about changing font colors/sized for different specific widgets?

I also have another inquiry. I noticed that the services panel bg changes to black when viewed from chrome… it only happens when using chrome… any way to finding out what may be causing this?

Thanks in advance!


You can change the color from Customize > Front Page colors. See the call to action there.
For the font size you can add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.action-text {
    font-size: 24px;

Not really sure what’s happening with that black background. Try disabling some of your plugins for now and see if it helps.

thanks! I got the fonts figured out… will be deactivating the plug ins and see if that helps.

Sorry, just now I noticed. You’ve added a video background for that row but you’ve added it from Vimeo. You’re supposed to add the link to a self-hosted video.

I just deleted the video from the rev slider but the black bg is still showing when viewing from chrome…what else could be causing this problem?

Thanks again for your help!

I said the video background for that row, not for Revolution Slider :slight_smile: See my reply again please.