How to change Employees photo on front page?

I would like to customize the “Our Employees” part. I trying to change the default picture with our real photo. After i search some tutorial and read documentation, i still don’t understand how to change it.
Can anyone please explain to me?

Hello there,

From your dashboard, navigate to Employees menu in the left. Then edit one of your employees. The image upload option is in the Employee info box. See the below screenshot:


Hello Kharis!
Thankyou for your help, but that is the problem. I can’t found that “Photo” section on my work.
Here the screenshoot


Sorry for confusion, we are in process of moving Moesia from Toolset Types to aThemes Toolbox and there are some changes in current Moesia version to make the switch possible. So please use Featured Image section to add employee image.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks Roman, one problem solved for now!
Then, because The aThemes team still developing new toolbox so i can’t edit/customize “employee info” section right? or i can?
I want to change “Linkedin” part with “Instagram”. Can i do that or i should wait for the new toolbox?

Best Regards,

Okay Theo, you are welcome!

You can’t edit employee info section easily, that’s normal. But I added Instagram issue to our list, so it might appear in a future theme version. And you can already replace Toolset Types with aThemes Toolbox.

Kind Regards, Roman.

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