How to change color of first letter and read more button in services area

This time i want to change the color of “read more” button & “first letter” in services section in front page. I can’t find it in customizer. Please provide some way to do it. Thanks.

Hi, use custom css below and change colors to your liking.
First letter:

.service-desc:first-letter {
  color: #dd3333;

Read more:

.service {
    color: #dd3333;
    border: 2px solid #dd3333;

.service {
    color: #ffffff;
    background-color: #dd3333;

Thanks! It worked.
But there is one more issue:
In place of cases i want to use projects so i made one page named projects and it worked but its name is still cases. How can i change its name. Here are the links:

I believe you have to change it from types plugin: Types > Case

Thanks Dimikjones! But it is still not working. Types > Custom Fields > Cases
In types plugin I changed cases to projects but still its showing cases.
I think its due to permalink. If i can change cases permalink to projects then it may start working.
Please help

Hello, you can change your page’s permalink from admin panel -> pages -> specific page -> follow this image

Let us know if its fixed, feel free to ask more questions.