How to change color of a PARTICULAR widget title and content


Hi, How can I change the color of a particular (NOT all widgets) widget title and it’s content to white, because the background of that widget is black.
The widget I’m using is the call to action widget.


Hi, it can be done with custom css, but you have to post your page link.



OK. Here is the link:

It’s on the homepage. The section is labeled " Upcoming Int’l Events 2015".

I need to change the title and content color of this widget to this color: #ff6b53



Ohh, you posted quetion in Support for Alizee Pro theme and you are using Moesia theme! Please be more careful in future.

Change front page colors for Moesia Theme:
Appearance > Customize > Front Page Colors


Ah!! sorry. Next time I’ll post on Moesia.

Well if I do it that way, it’s gonna change the colors for all the widgets which I don’t want. I want just the color of that particular widget changed.


Yeah you’re right. Now it works thanks.


with custom css:

div#pgc-2040-6-0 .widget-title,
div#pgc-2040-6-0 .action-text {
    color: #ff6b53;

You can use simple custom css plugin to apply the code.


Thanks a million!


I’m trying to do this with the example, but it doesn’t seem to work. The url is

I’ve tried to use

div#pgc-2-0-1 .widget-title,
div#pgc-2-0-1 .action-text {
color: #fff;


Never mind. Fixed it using custom css. The widget css doesn’t seem to work.