How to change background image of Services B Section

When I try to change the photo in the Services B Section, I run into an error. When looking at the demo code in the same section, there is the following in the content area, “

That code reveal the iPhone as shown in the theme. I simply wish to replace that image with a different one. I simply replace the “http:” code provided with the url of the photo that I wish to use and it doesn’t show up. If I set the background image as the photo I desire, it won’t show up if I delete the “” iPhone picture code. But, if I leave the iPhone code and set my background image, then they both show up on top of each other. Lol! I can’t seem to set my own image in this area.

Can you please help> Thank you!

Now the image of the cell phone shows when I try to type the code, lol

<img src="


I’ve tried replacing the code that was previously in the “Text Content” area for the Services Type B and the iPhone pic DOES NOT show up now, like it did before.

What could have happened?

Last night when I set the background image to the one I wanted, it would show up but with the iPhone pic on top of my image. That’s when I noticed the code in the Content section of the Text widget. When that code is removed, NO IMAGE will show up, even if I have a background image selected.

It finally started working! I don’t know why it wouldn’t work this whole time.

But just a simple <img src=" html command with the image url location in the content section is pulling up photos now. Baffled why it didn’t work this way before!

Hello @benjibliss,

It’s great that it started working! Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.