How to center page content

I am having problems with centering the content in new page.
Here is the URL of the page
as you can see the content is slightly to the left.
I checked the code trying to figure out what the problem is
and found everything in the page is equally balanced out expect for class=“row”.
I would greatly appreciate if you guys can find a solution to this.

Thank you!

oh and other thing I found was when you play around with the size of the browser
after a certain size, space on the right suddenly pops up.


You just need to assign the Front Page template for that page and any other pages where you’re working with the page builder. Right now, the page template you’re using expects a sidebar, that’s why there’s a space on the left. It’s in the documentation.

I just noticed you used the correct template on your front page. Use it on any page you need, doesn’t matter that it’s called Front Page :slight_smile:

Thank you so much it fixed the initial problem.

After that now I want to make the content look more center

by limiting the content width of 700px. Is there a custom css

I can apply to make that change?

So far what I have done was found page id and limited it

this is what I did

.page-id-172 .content-wrapper{
padding : 0px !important ;

is there a better way?

I want it apply on all pages except the home front page.