How to cancel header padding when scroll page

Hello, I try to add some css on simple custom css to cancel padding 15px of header when page scrolled but my css code is not worked.

where should I edit?

The other question is I have installed woocommerce, when the shop page on Web mode, the widgets will be on the right, but on mobile mode, the widget will be on the bottom.

I want to move the widget to the top on mobile and tablet mode, how can I do that?

Hello, I’m still waiting for help.
Is there someone could give me a hand?

Hello @LucasAthemes,

  1. Can you please provide more details (link, screenshot)?

  2. Please try to do the following:

  • install Insert Headers and Footers plugin that will allow you to insert JavaScript code (that code will help you to change order of elements on your pages, to be exact, content-area and widget-area);
  • go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> Insert Headers and Footers -> add the following code to Scripts in Header section, and click Save:
<script type='text/javascript'>

Kind Regards, Roman.