How to always show a white background or overlay on header in Sydney


Is there a way to keep a white background or overlay on the header in Sydney from the start (below starting to scroll down)?
The overlay only starts to appear when the page is started to be scrolled. I want the header section to always show the logo and the navigation menu on a white background as it loads or before the user starts to scroll down the page. The logo used here, has black text as well as the navigation menu titles so they will not show nicely or at all if a dark or very light image slide appears in the background.

I have put a link to the images below to try show how the header looks and the desired look:

current -
desired -

So i am looking for a way to show the header on a white background always or so that it remains constant.

Thanks in advance


You can apply this CSS code to make the white background always displayed for the menubar:

.site-header {
    background-color: white;

You can add this CSS code to: Customize > additional CSS.



Thank you this worked like charm!