How to adjust the Mobile Menu Breakpoint?

I’ve spent some time trying various (temporary) code adjustments to change the mobile menu breakpoint (set at 1024 in the theme). But to no avail. Does anyone know specifically how to accomplish this? Or, if I upgrade to Astrid Pro, will I have the capability of changing the mobile menu breakpoint?


Can you describe for more detail about your issue?
Currently, the default value for displaying the mobile menu (displaying the three lines) is at breakpoint 1024px.


Hi Awan,

Yes, I realize the current value is 1024 for the menu breakpoint, and I’m trying to figure out how to change that value. I tried a few things in the code that seemed fairly obvious, but they didn’t work (or not entirely). So, do you know the code solution for this? Or, alternatively, does the pro version give the ability to change the menu breakpoint?

Thank you!



My apologies, there is no option to change the menu breakpoint, even in the pro version.

You can hire a wordpress developer in or to help you on more advance customizing to the theme.

Wow, this answer my question i asked before, cant you tell in which file its stored ?