How to adjust page container size, including footer?

Hi there,

I am in need of some help to adjust the page width ( content) I would like to be nearly full width on iMac/desktop) i.e: around 150px padding either side.

I need site be responsive, i.e: something like 2opx padding left/right on mobile, 30px tablet, etc.

And i would like the footer to follow same widths?

Currently i can only achieve making rows in builder fullwidth or full container width and adjusting padding on all viewports. This has no effect on the footer! and doesn’t work well responsively, adding extra load / weight with lots of different paddings…

Please help me! Surely this is relatively easy fix? However i cannot seem to find information as to many other closely related queries in relation to full page width, etc.

thank you,

kind regards

Hello there,

Maybe there’s an easy fix for this.

Please share a link to the page in question, so I can exactly replicate it with my test site and be able to suggest you the possible solution. Do your pages use the same page template (see the Page Attributes box)?


Hi Kharis,

Thank you for getting back to me, haha I hope so.

**I use Themify page builder as you will see… All page attributes set fullwidth. **

If i set rows to fullwidth content without and padding adjustments, the content basically has no padding and meets the edge of the viewport. You can see I’ve had to make top half of content wider, bottom half default like footer. i want it all wide, i see a lot of sites have this why am i stuck? so frustrating! link
Hope all makes sense…

And i hope their is an easy fix!

best wishes