How to add video in header

I’m trying to add video, but there seems to be no documentation or examples.

This is what I do:

  1. Customize > Header Area > Header Type > Video

  2. Customize > Header Area > Video

Then I enter:

But nothing happens.


Please try to add an .mp4 and check in Google Chrome, maybe just your video format was not supported.

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No, Chrome did not help. This is the video link as an example:

Here are the steps I took:

  • Install Perth Pro
  • Install recommended plugins: Crelly, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Toolset Types, WordPress Importer
  • Install perth-demo.xml and perth-settings.xml files
  • Set up video:
    Customize > Header Area > Header Type > Video
    Customize > Header Area > Video

Is there a step missing? Do you have a URL for a video that works?


Please try a .mp4 video instead of .m4v, maybe it’s not supported by your browser, then check the .mp4 video in Google Chrome or try to upload the video to youtube and post a link from there.

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Using a different clip worked. I recommend Athemes provide a bit more documentation on the theme, including some examples of inserting video, creating a Crelly Slider, what does “Type B” mean as a Category, etc. The only documentation that I can find are a handful of videos that cover a small set of examples. Or am I looking in the wrong place. This is where I’ve looked:

Which is all of 2 pages of text and a few videos that show a very small set of modifications.

Should I be looking elsewhere for documentation on the Theme?


The documentation is there, that’s the general use documentation, so every theme setup is described there, adding / setting up stuff like what not everybody will do, can be asked on Support Forums, we would be happy to assist you, if that’s about the theme and didn’t require custom coding or more then a few lines of code modifications.

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Is there a Perth demo available that shows video on the header area that I can see to tell if this will work for a site I’ll be working on?



Do you mean a video documentation?

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Hey guys, I’m asking you for some help, the question is similar: is it possible to put an video from library into header, but without using customization part of Sydney theme? I’d prefer if I could use video as row background, so I could put an text in the middle, just like on this example And if it’s possible, how to do this? Thanks in advance, Nikola