How to add page in the front page section

I have successfully built the header and animation text for intro theme.

But I can’t add a page into the frontpage.
I added a page, it’s a service page, I have added into service page widget from page builder, save the page as default / frontpage (tried those two).

And still this service page doesn’t show at my front page. Am I missing any steps?

thank you!


Can you post a link to your website please so I can see exactly?

Ah forget to mention that, here have a look : . So I can’t add any other page below the header image (like in the demo, there is an about page, a service page, etc).
I’ve followed the documentary (exporting and importing).

Seems that you don’t have any widgets added to your front page. Have another look at the third video from the documentation page please. You might also want to import the demo content file located there to get a quick start.

Ah yes! Now that you’ve mentioned it.
What I did wrong was create a new page (which is not the front page) and add a widget there.

Thanks a lot Vlad!