How to add our work coloumn

Dear Support,

i really like your sydnet theme, but i have dificulties for using it, here they are

  1. why in my dashboard there no services, employees, and testimonials menu? how can i show theme? so i can make our service, testimonial and employess coloumn in my front page.

  2. how can i add image courasol like yours in coloumn ‘Our Work’ in your demo

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

by the way this is my site


Have a look at the documentation please. It shows how to use images and how to get the custom post types.

yess i have seen the video , thix is my screen shot but i still can not add service , our team, and image in our work bloks

I’m pretty sure that if you have another look at the documentation videos you’ll figure it out :wink:
Have you actually created any services etc?

Hi Vlad,

I seem to be having a lot of problems with the template. All of the xml files that I imported gave me errors. I am having a hard time editing the employees section and testimonals to show the new pictures that I have loaded. I followed your documentation but I must be doing something wrong. Please Help! I look forward to hearing from you!

@scday: open your own topic please, describe exactly what you can’t do and include a link to your site.

hi vlad how i can create srevices?