How to add Menus?


Hi, I’m sorry if I’m asking this basic question… I’m really really bad at Wordpress this is my 1st time.

So I have problems adding Menus. Like for example, Home, Info, Downloads, & Register. How exactly how I make them?

Please & thank you!


Hi, I found out how to make Menus. But what if for example I want to hide my ABOUT page from the front menu. Because I want my customers to click on the ABOUT tab then only they can see my ABOUT page.


Hope this article can help you:



But how do I hide them from my home page? For example, I wrote a bunch of stuffs in ABOUT and I want to hide it from showing in FRONT page.


Did you mean that you want to hide the menu items when you were on those page? If yes, You’ll need an advance customization of the theme and my apologize if we can’t help you on this because that’s beyond our support policy. But you can hire a Wordpress developer on codeable or upwork to help you.